Dyno Simulations

accurately predict the performance level of your engine

Dynomation5 incorporates two engine simulation models. The first is a Filling-And-Emptying simulation that provides extremely fast mathematical solutions to engine physics, making this technique a uniquely powerful and rapid way to "ballpark" engine design with accuracy. Number two is a full Wave-Dynamics Method-Of-Characteristics simulation that predicts complex pressure-wave dynamics and particle flow in intake and exhaust ducting. Data is seamlessly shared by both simulation models. Power, torque, engine pressures and more can then be displayed independently or in a HybridSim, where simulation results from both methods are combined.


fast mathematical solutions to engine physics

Modify All Valve-Event Timing Specifications

Change Lobe Centerlines And Durations

Find The Best Parts And Specs For Any Application


predicts complex pressure-wave dynamics

Analyze Pressure Waves And Their Affect On Power

Test Alternate Fuels And Nitrous-Oxide Injection

Intake Manifold And Exhaust System Modeling

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Why Use an Engine Dyno Simulator?

Top Five Reasons:

  1. Camshaft specifications are too confusing!

  2. A real dyno test is too expensive or inaccessible.

  3. Eliminate the guesswork and find the best combination of performance parts before you spend your money.

  4. Know exactly what kind of horsepower and torque you’re going to get once you build your engine.

  5. Highly accurate results at low cost.

Our Engine Simulation Packages

Basic Simulation


$ 35 .00

per engine simulation
  • Basic engine model.
  • Test up to 5 different camshafts.
  • No customization.
  • Naturally aspirated only.

Professional Simulation


$ 85 .00

per engine simulation
  • Complete engine model.
  • Test multiple camshaft profiles.
  • Limited customization
  • Naturally aspirated or forced induction.

Ultimate Simulation

Custom Engine Modeling

$ 225 .00

per engine simulation
  • Custom engine model.
  • Unlimited camshaft testing.
  • Unlimited customization
  • Nitrous Oxide injection.